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Why do we need Scottish computer voices?

We believe there is a strong cultural and educational imperative for pupils, students and people with disabilities in Scotland to be able to:

The Scottish Government funds CALL Scotland to provide Scotland-wide schools licences to Heather and Stuart (adult Scottish); Ceitidh (adult Scottish Gaelic); Andrew and Mairi, our new Scottish child voices and Isla and Callum (teenage voices). All the voices are created by CereProc, a world leading speech synthesis company in Edinburgh. The voices are licenced for schools, colleges, universities and NHS patients. The licence covers Windows and Mac computers and devices.

The Scottish voices are particularly important now that there is a legislative duty on the provision of communication equipment in Scotland that gives children and adults in Scotland "the right to the communication equipment and the support they need to use their communication equipment". 

What do I need to use them?

The voices work with text-to-speech software or apps - find out where to get a text reader on the Text Reader page; find out how to use the voices for communication on the Communication Aid page.

If you have an Android, Chromebook or iPad device, you can get the voices for some reading and communication apps: refer to the Text Reader and Communication Aid pages.

Are they free?

If the answer is yes or you meet the criteria in the list below then you can download the Windows and Mac voices for free!

If you don't, you can purchase Windows and MacOS voices from the CALL Scotland shop. You can also buy Windows and Mac versions of all CereProc's other voices from their online Store. Glaswegians might be interested in Dodo, for example... just the voice you need on your communication device when ordering a pint in a pub on Sauchiehall Street?

Android users can buy CereProc voices for 59p each from the Google Play Store. The voices work with most Android text-to-speech and communication apps.

On iPad, you download the free CerePlay app and buy voices for 99p each. The voices can then be used by the built-in iOS accessibility tools and most AAC apps. Some CereProc voices are also available for free in the Grid for iPad AAC app. Refer to the Text Reader and Communication Aid pages to find out which can speak Scottish.

The Windows and Mac voices are licensed for non-commercial, non-profit personal, educational and research purposes.

The voices are licensed for:

  1. State-run schools,
  2. Pupils at home,
  3. Scottish Colleges,
  4. Scottish Universities,
  5. Scottish Open University students,
  6. Scottish charities dealing with pupils and NHS patients,
  7. Scottish Local Authorities,
  8. NHS Scotland,
  9. Scottish government agencies.

The voices are not licensed for:

  1. Independent schools,
  2. Private companies,
  3. Scottish students studying abroad,
  4. and individuals not covered by the above.

 Windows/MacOS voices can be purchased via CALL Scotland.