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Text readers

Windows Text Readers and Literacy Tools

To read text with the Scottish Voices on you computer, you need a 'text reader'. A 'text reader' or 'text to speech' program on your computer or tablet reads text from a document or webpage to you using a computer voice such as the Scottish Voice. The text is converted to speech by the computer voice and the audio version of the text is read aloud.

There are a number of free text readers (below) and the voices  also work with Literacy Support programs like Clicker 7, Read&Write and ClaroRead:

Visit our Text-to-Speech pages on the main CALL Scotland website to find other programs and how they can be used.

Mac OSX Text Reader

The built-in Text to Speech on a Mac is accessed through the Dictation and Speech System Preferences.

Visit our Text-to-Speech pages on the main CALL Scotland website to find out more.

Android Text Reader / Literacy apps

Scottish voices produced by Cereproc have been available for some time and cost £0.59 each. They can be used with the built-in Select to Speak facility and with most apps that read out text. Choose your Scottish Voice from the Cereproc voices on the Google Play Store and download the app for the voice. You will have to set the Scottish voice as your Preferred Text to Speech Engine by either tapping on:


Apps and facilities that can use Scottish voices include:


Chromebooks were originally designed to use only Google voices, which provided access to many languages, but very little choice in terms of the actual voices available. There was no way to use a Scottish voice. Since 2018, there have been two changes to the Chrome operating system that have allowed some access to Scottish voices.

Use of Android voices

Android apps, including the Cereproc Scottish voices, can now be downloaded and used on recent Chromebooks – a list of suitable devices is available on the Google Chromium Projects web site. Information about using Android apps on a Chromebook is available on a Support site. Unfortunately, an Android Scottish voice cannot be set as the Chromebook’s default voice so it will not work with the Chromebook’s Select to Speak text reader, but it can be used with individual apps, e.g:

Use of Acapela and other voices

High quality Acapela voices can also be used on a Chromebook – see the Chromebook Help web site for more information. You will need to download the free Acapela TTS Engine app and buy a voice, costing between £5.09 and £6.39. The Scottish Rhona voice is very suitable for anybody wanting text read with a Scottish voice. You can choose an Acapela voice to be made the default voice for your Chromebook, which will allow it to by most text readers, including: