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Communication aids

Windows-based Communication Apps

The Scottish Voices work with most Windows-based voice output communication apps and software. Find out how to set up the voices on your devices or software at the links below.

Windows-based communication aids are available from several suppliers including for example SmartBox, Liberator, Tobii DynaVox and Jabbla.

You can also use communication apps on Windows devices such as a Surface Go or Surface Pro

Talking Scottish

Find out how Lachlan has got on with his new Scottish voice!

iPad and iOS Communication Apps

The Scottish voices cannot be installed into the iPad itself and have to be integrated into each app by the developer. Grid for iPad has the Scottish accent voices from CereProc and some other apps offer the adult female voices from Acapela or Nuance. If you want a male or child voice, options are limited.

If you want to have more Scottish voices in your favourite app, contact the developer and ask them to integrate the voices you need into their apps or contact us and we'll approach them. ClaroCom may have more Scottish voices soon because the developers Claro already offer Andrew and Mairi in their Claro ScanPen app: if you'd like the Scottish voices in ClaroCom, why not get in touch with Claro and ask?

App Scottish voices
Grid for iPad Kirsty (adult), Stuart (adult), Andrew (child), Mairi (child) (CereProc)
ClaroCom Fiona (Nuance), Rhona (Acapela)
Clicker Communicator Rhona (Acapela)
GoTalk Now Rhona (Acapela)
Proloquo2Go & Proloquo4Text Rhona (Acapela)
Snap Core First Rhona (Acapela)
TouchChat HD Rhona (Acapela)

Android Communication Apps

You can buy CereProc Scottish Voices from the Google Play store (59p. each) and use them in Android-based communication aids such as:

The full range of CereProc voices are available for Android and so if you wish you can speak with the Glaswegian Dodo voice for that Scottish burr, or Ceitidh, if you speak Gaelic, or even Goblin, if you're a goblin. You can also buy a wide range of Acapela voices as well.

Android-based AAC device 'bundles' are available from Dad-in-a-shed.