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Grid 3

Grid 3 from SmartBox is a communication, computer access and environmental control program for Windows-based computers and devices. You can access it via a wide range of methods including touch, switch, eye gaze and mice and other pointing devices. It offers a wide range of grid sets for communication, with symbols or text, with content for all ages and abilities.

Grid 3 is available as a software program that can be installed on any Windows device, or installed on a dedicated AAC device such as the GridPad. It can be downloaded for a 60 day free trial.

With Grid version 65 and later you can download all the voices from within Grid itself, or download them from our site and they'll appear in the Grid list of voices. 

How do I set up the Scottish Voices?

Step 1: Go to the Grid 'Settings' (F10), choose 'Speech', then 'Voices'.

Step 2: Scroll down to find the voice you want.  You'll find any voices you have installed already like Callum or Isla at the top of the list. To download more, scroll down to the Downloadable voices section, select the voice and choose 'Download'.

After the voice has downloaded and installed itself you can adjust the pitch and speed by using the 'Configure' button.