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Predictable is a text-based communication aid app for iPad, Android and Windows. You can access the Pad version via touch, switch and head tracking, and from iOS 13 onwards, mouse or external pointing device. Predictable is designed for people who are literate but have lost the ability to speak possibly due to cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, laryngectomy, stroke, apraxia or brain injury. The app offers a choice of 5 keyboards and has word prediction and phrase selection to speed up communication.

Predictable 5, the current version, has the Stuart and Heather voices and Predictable 6 which will be available in 2019 should also have Andrew and Mairi.

How do I set up the Scottish Voices?

In Predictable 5, go to the 'Settings', choose 'Speech', then tap 'Predictable Voices' and under 'Voice Nationality' choose 'English'.

Scroll down to the bottom to find Heather and Stuart and tap the Cloud icon button to download them.

After the voice has downloaded you can adjust the pitch and speed by using the Configure button.