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Snap Core First for Windows

Snap Core First is a communication app/program for Windows. It can be installed on any Windows 10 device such as a Surface Go or Pro, and is also available in Tobii Dynavox's Indi and I series communication aids. There is an iPad version (which does not yet have the Scottish voices, unfortunately).

Snap Core is for children or adults who wish to use symbols to generate language although users can also type text with word prediction. The system is based on Core Word research which aims to help students communicate and develop literacy by developing skills using 'universal core' vocabulary.

The vocabulary grid size can be easily changed to suit the learner's needs, and the latest version can be accessed by touch, pointing device, eye gaze or switches. Tobii DynaVox also provide Pathways for Core First, which is a free tool with lesson plans and materials for teaching users how to use Snap Core.

How do I set up the Scottish Voices?